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Auburn Quail Art  Designing Unique and Original art

Selling  art prints,T-shirts,mugs,stickers,home decor and more...

By clicking the on the images below they will take you to the direct ordering page, where you can select sizes and colours. Be sure to check out the design option as well. 

T-Shirts, Available in Men's, Woman's ,Children and baby sizes. Check sizing and colour options. Most graphic designs come with or without text.

Click on images below

Fun chocolate chip cookie plant for those with a sweet tooth and a green thumb

Colourful shirt for the apple lover

Brightly coloured avocado t-shirt

Cat love t-shirt

Cat logic all you need is love and cats

Logging Lake Cowichan where the pavement ends real trucking begins

Logging where the pavement end real trucking begins

Fantasy Mermaids t-shirt

Childrens T-shirts

Children sizes, 2t,4t,small, medium and large. Click on image to take you directly to sizes and colour options.

Cute Fairy and kitten friends t-shirt

Anime Friendship t-shirt

For kids who love Dino's t-shirt

Anime friendship t-shirt

Cute Anime Friendship t-shirt

Peace,love,apples t-shirt

Fun Chocolate chip cookie plant t-shirt

Soccer Monsters t-shirt

Monster t-shirt

Flower girl 2023 t-

Anime friend t-shirt

Cool Monster t-shirt

Soccer Monster t-shirt

Chocolate chip t-shirt with text

Dinosaur t-shirt

Flower girl t-shirt

Cat logic t-shirt all you need is love and cats

Summer flower and lady bug friends t-shirt

Flower Cowgirl t-shirt

Bunny luv t-shirt

Cute love hedgehog t-shirt

Avocado t-shirt

Floating hearts t-shirt

Baby Crow t-shirt

Flower girl t-shirt

I love cats  t-shirt

Summer  flower t-shirt

Love bunny t-shirt

Friends of the Fairy Meadow t-shirt

Colourful apple t-shirt

Cute friendship t-shirt

Baby  Zone

One-piece are available in short and long sleeve. Click on image to take you directly to sizes and colour options. 

Cute baby short sleeve  one-piece 

flower and ladybug  short sleeve one-piece

Cute Dino short sleeve one-piece

I love cats short sleeve one-piece

Bunny Luv  short sleeve one-piece

Love Bunny short sleeve one-piece

Flower Cowgirl short sleeve one-piece

Flower girl short sleeve one-piece

Loving baby crow short sleeve one-piece

Floating Heart short sleeve one-piece

Cute Dino short sleeve one-piece

Peace love apples short sleeve one-piece

Fairy and Kitten short sleeve one-piece

Summer yellow flower short sleeve one-piece

Anime friend short sleeve one-piece

Avocado short sleeve one-piece

Friendship short sleeve one-piece

Summer flower and lady bug short sleeve one-piece